----- Connection is power ----- Hacking is our weapon
The Hacker & Sniper

Aiden's right hand man, or dog, Bixxel_44. A dangerous man to mess with, and yet a very loyal companion.

[ Independent Watch_Dogs RP account. Tracking the bixxel44 tag. ]

The city is your weapon.

      “Give me four seconds, and a c l e a r signal. I’ll get in, 
                     …and you’ll never know.”

 Indie Bixxel_44 from Watch_Dogs.
 10+ years of roleplaying experience.
 Mainly does meme, semi-paras, paras, and novels. (No one liners.)
 Canon + OC Friendly
 AUs and Crossovers are welcomed.
 Skype available upon request, but after we have known each other for a bit.
 Mun is a sweet guy, and he loves meeting new friends.

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We need talk more about the vengeance green of sex colour that is Aiden’s eyes


bixxel-44 asked:
[text] To: Aiden Pearce -- Subject: [Blank] -- 30 Nov 2013 -- 20:01 -- >> Haven't heard from you in awhile. Hope the crooks didn't take you to the slums.


[TEXT; SMS TO; Bixxel.]:

For once I had to lie low. I’m surprised, you didn’t take any notice of the last BLACKOUT?

To: Aiden Pearce
Subject: —
30 Nov 2013 20:13

» I haven’t been in the city lately. Had other things to run for UH, but I arrived in just tonight, so I am not sure what it is you have been up to exactly.


Irked Hacker


"Yeah, it was fucking necessary! It’s not the fact that everything has to be confidential, I understand that part because of what we do, it’s the bloody fact that suddenly you vanish and fucking no one will answer my calls or texts. I’m left totally in the dark, and I’m sick of it, Bixxel! I’m not just some lapdog for you to jerk around, or for UH to jerk around when he feels like I can be useful this day or that! I’m tired of being called in only when it benefits someone else, I want things to get done! I was promised justice for what happened to my family, I was promised change in this city if I started working for you!”

Aiden’s voice only continued rising as he yelled, before he batted over a framed picture in anger, the glass shattering as he stalked off into the living room, leaning against the glass of the windows overlooking the city. His eyes closed, a few deep breaths coming in and out as he tried to calm himself, which was remarkably hard.

The sniper merely stood there, taking in the verbal abuse about how things were not going Aiden’s way. The man rarely ever got this way, it was strange of him to just snap, but he guess the man could only hold so much. Bixxel didn’t even flinch when the hacker struck out and punched a framed picture, and let his shatter upon impact on the ground, merely flickered his gaze to it for a brief moment. When Aiden turned to walk away, that is when the other male knelt down to pick up the picture that was frame. It was him and Aiden today when they had gone to Scotland today, taken outside one of the castles they visited.

Placing it on the desk once more, he decided he would reframe it later, once his lover was calm. “Aiden. I work for you not the other way around. I was assigned by UH to be your protector after you tried making your first get away. And UH knows that you do not take all orders, they know you are not to be jerked around, and I am sorry if that is what it seems like.”

The taller Scots came over and gently placed his hand on Aiden’s shoulder, giving a small squeeze despite that blood was still trickling from his mouth since he was punched. “You will get justice,” he promised, “You will get change, but you must remember that ‘Rome was not built in a day’.”

Bixxe_44 placed a small kiss to the hacker’s temple before walking away to grab a small hand broom and a bucket to sweep the glass shards into. Kneeling back down he started to clean up the mess, not saying another word.


Game Typography Challenge

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