----- Connection is power ----- Hacking is our weapon
The Hacker & Sniper

Aiden's right hand man, or dog, Bixxel_44. A dangerous man to mess with, and yet a very loyal companion.

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Dean Winchester meme: favorite quotes [1/5]
"I had to look after you. That’s my job!" | 2.22

Tampered With



     “Just passing by,” the vilgilante pulled down the bandana, “Is Clara around anywere?”

     He looked around at their surroundings. They seemed to have been the only ones there. Aiden shoved his hands into his coat pockets before letting out a deep sigh.

     ”Hmm, not that I have seen lately. I heard from her from the last mission, but after that she hasn’t contacted me at all, and I haven’t hear from her ever since then,” he retorted, leaning back in his chair and sighing softly, his arms becoming crossed over his chest as he watched the other hacker. Every little action and detail the man did, Bixxel_44 took note of it, from the flick of his eyes to his hand movements.

     After a second Bixxel lowered his gaze, pulling a cigarette out of his jacket along with his lighter to strike it up before tugging out his phone. “Was there something you needed from her?”

Tampered With


     Lifting his golden-jade eyes, the sniper immediately locked contact with the masked vigilante, his stare cold and hard as usual. If it was one thing about Aiden Pearce, it was that he was still tense with his ally due to being just assigned to him by UH like some kind of dog, to protect him, since he was a ‘key element’ to their team.

     ”Well well,” he stated, his scottish accent thick and slurred slightly, “What brings you here today Aiden? Bite off more than you chew?”

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The city is your weapon.

      “Give me four seconds, and a c l e a r signal. I’ll get in, 
                     …and you’ll never know.”

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